In addition to being a Visa Prepaid Card, the My smiONE Card also makes it easy to process maintenance payments by providing each cardholder with easy access to maintenance payments credited to their account. The prepaid Card, an alternative to receiving checks by email, is advantageous for stores and supermarkets.


Official smiONE prepaid Visa cards can be used everywhere the purchase of the corresponding Card is accepted. In addition to the activation process, there are several offers and benefits for My smiONE card. In cooperation with national or local government agencies, provides eligible customers with fast, secure, and easy access to their credit with the smiONE Visa prepaid card.

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All paid support payments can be retrieved directly from the individual’s bank account via the smiONE card login. Today’s market is completely flooded with numerous prepaid cards, making it difficult for people to choose the right card for their daily use. In addition, they can activate their new Card and manage their card account online anytime, anywhere via the website or mobile app.

smiONE Login Process

After logging into the smiONE Login Platinum Online Account Center, you can log into your smiONE Visa Card Online account to track your available balance and other activities. Just do it on your desktop.

  • Visit and click the “REGISTER” button at the top right of the page or go directly to
  • In the fields beneath the Username and Password fields, enter the username and password you created during your new registration.


  • When you have logged in, click the LOGIN button.
  • smiONE prepaid card connection

You can now access your smiONE Visa card account online.

Activities That Can Be Performed At

You can now access your smiONE Visa card account online via smiONE Login. And perform many account management activities with the easy-to-use tools and resources available in the smiONE Platinum Card Login online account center. How can you:

  • Check balance
  • Pay the bills
  • To transfer money
  • View transaction and deposit history
  • Receive monthly bank statements
  • Sign up for account notifications
  • Add authorized user
  • Request a replacement card
  • Deactivate your Card for unrecognized transactions or losses
  • View all your smiONE Visa card details at
  • Update personal information
  • Get answers to your questions about your deposit, payment, and more.

smiONE Visa Prepaid Card Online Account Access

The Visa smiONE Prepaid Card, the Visa smiONE Platinum Prepaid Card, and the Visa Prepaid Card are all issued by The Bancorp Bank under license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.

How To Register For A smiONE Visa Prepaid Card?

For the first time, new smiONE Visa cardholders or existing cardholders accessing the smiONE Platinum Card Login Online Account Center must register for the service. In order to accomplish this process, it only takes a few minutes to complete, and it will only need to be done once. For more information, please check to attend the registration information session.


  • Go to the smiONE Login Visa card website The “REGISTER” button is located to the left of the activation option in the upper right corner of the page.
  • You can directly access the smiONE Login portal at
  • Click on the “New User?” button. You will be directed to the “New registration” page when you click “Registration.”
  • Create a username of 7 to 15 characters. You can use letters, numbers and some special symbols. However, it shouldn’t be the same as your email ID.
  • Enter your email address and mobile number in the appropriate fields.
  • Select a mobile race, time zone, and date of birth in mm/dd/yyyy format.
  • Enter the last four digits of your CPF or zip code, the last four digits of your Visa card, and the Card’s expiry date (month and year).
  • Create a strong password between 8 and 20 characters, containing at least one letter and 1 number different from your username.
  • Choose two security questions and define your answers. It will help you recover your Simone Visa prepaid card online account if necessary.
  • Click the “Submit” button when finished.

How To Recover Account Credentials?

To find your Username, visit the Platinum Online Account Center at

To reset the Username:

  • Select “Forgot your username?” The link is under the Login button. To access your smiONE Visa Card account online, simply enter your email address.
  • If you don’t remember the exact Username, you can enter up to 3 email addresses that can be registered with your account.


To reset the password:

  • You must click on “Forgot your password?” and enter the Username of your Simone Visa prepaid card online account to identify your profile.
  • After that, you will see the necessary instructions on your screen, which you need to follow.

Usage Of The My smiONE Card

Cardholders have several ways to load money onto their Visa debit card. You can connect directly to a map from a relevant source. Cardholders can also contact an official Visa ReadyLink, Western Union, or MoneyGram provider to receive a cash deposit with a money order.

The official My smiONE Card can be used for online/offline transactions like any other Visa credit or debit card. You can zoom in, access statements, and set up SMS or email notifications.

Cardholders can add five cards to a single account, and a discreet online account feed is available for real-time information and My smiONE card enrollment data.

Pre-selected cardholders may also receive a discount/rebate/offer on their account. Depending on the case, direct deposit may require 1-2 withdrawal cycles.

Official Name smiONE
Portal TypeLogin
Languages SupportedEnglish & Spanish
Mobile AppAvailable
ServicesDebit and Credit Cards

Benefits Of smiONE Login

If people want to see the benefits for users of a prepaid card, visit this dedicated section for that. However, here are some mentioned advantages that you can enjoy when you officially use cards at

  • Direct deposit.
  • Online/offline transactions.
  • 24/7 workflow.
  • Many means of payment in the supermarkets concerned.
  • All current and currently active cardholders could be used for the different networks in addition to the $3 domestic fee.
  • On the same page, ATM fees are $1.50 per withdrawal and $0.75 per request for cardholders, while international prices are $2.00 for customers.

About smiONE

smiONE was created to give families fast and secure access to their payments without the need for a traditional bank account. We liked the idea of ​​creating ONE place that meets all your needs. A card that makes life easier.

Since then, we’ve grown, expanded to new states and tribes across the country, and introduced new services, features, and functionality. They work with state and local agencies across the United States to give people faster access to their payments, along with excellent features and tools that stand out in the state charge card space.


The smiONE Card is a safe and fast way to access essential government expenditure. Use the smiONE Card wherever Visa debit cards are accepted and load your Card with direct deposit, cash, or mobile check top-up¹. Get free network ATM withdrawal options², fraud detection, and account alerts³, plus mobile banking tools to help you manage your money.

The smiONE fl board is packed with handy features and user-friendly tools that make life a little easier. Activate your Card to get started.

Features Of smiONE Card

Tap and Pay

Swipe your smiONE contactless Card over a card reader at participating retailers to pay quickly, easily, and securely.

Compatible with mobile wallet

With Mobile Wallet, you can securely make payments in stores and online with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, wherever Apple Pay is accepted.

Check the load on mobile devices

If you use the smiONE mobile app, you can deposit checks via the app directly onto your card account from your smartphone.

Load mobile check

Make deposits using the smiONE mobile app on your smartphone directly to your card account by using it to deposit checks.

Enhanced security

Each smiONE EMV transaction is encrypted to protect your card information. Your deposits are FDIC insured through The Bancorp Bank, Member FDIC, and may also be covered by Visa’s zero liability policy.

24/7 Customer Service

There is a team member ready to take over the account as soon as possible. You can still talk to a natural person.

smiONE Mobile Application

Manage your smiONE Visa prepaid card account from your phone it features easy money management, no NSF check fees, live customer service, no overdraft fees, reliable performance, email alerts, no check collection fees, bill payment, access to account 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to name a few.

Load your smiONE Card with FREE direct deposit, have your money available anytime, anywhere. Get notifications about your daily balance, purchases, bill payments, direct deposits, and more.


Activities You Can Perform On the Mobile Application

  • Check Deposit – Skip check cashing lines and send deposit checks directly from your smartphone.
  • Transfer money- Send money to authorized users for free.
  • Stay safe – check your balance, transfer funds, block or replace your Card, and more.
  • Always know your balance: Track your money with daily balance notifications, deposit alerts, and spend analysis.
  • Use our digital account tools to stay up to date.
  • Manage your finances by tracking your expenses and seeing where your money goes.
  • Get a notification every time you use your Card.
  • Also, control the spending of authorized users.

smiONE Customer Service

Please remember that you can get in touch with customer service if you have questions about connecting to someone’s online account. Customer service can be reached at:

Benefits of the Simone Card:

Box 2489

Carrollton, Georgia 30112

smiONE Customer Service contact page at

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a smiONE card without having a bank account?

I don’t think you need to open a bank account in order to buy a Visa prepaid card. Prepaid cards may only be used with cash, so you must top them up before buying anything with them. It is essential to know that smiONECard is entirely different from a traditional credit card.

Can multiple cardholders use the smiONE Card?

Yes, you can add other (second) cardholders to the card connection. Please note that the maximum number of cardholders that can use this Card is five. According to many satisfied cardholders, signing up on the official platform and the official instructions and guidelines on the smiONE card login screen has always been easy. If you have a PC or mobile device, you can log in from anywhere requested by the cardholder.

Why should I use the Visa Prepaid Card?

Paying for your purchases takes just seconds with this Card. In addition, it offers a high level of security compared to other cards available on the market.


So, this article is about how to create a smiONE Login online account. You can easily access the portal with your registered username and password. If you are a new user, you will need to go through a one-time registration process. If you already have your credentials, follow the details above to access your SmiONE online account at However, if you have any questions about your SmiONE online account, don’t hesitate to get in touch with customer service for assistance.

If a smiONE cardholder needs special assistance, they should call the State of Texas Disbursement Unit at (800) 252-8014. Please also note that all cardholders will be asked to confirm their identity, followed by a verification process. This process can take the form of revealing essential details about your account, so be sure to verify the legitimate caller.

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