The smiONE card supports Central and Missouri Department of Finance and Administrative Services payments. If you are the regular recipient of these payments, the smiOne card is the right choice for receiving payments on the card itself.


All cardholders must use the smiONE card login until they run out of credits or credit for activation and authentication. Once the points balance reaches zero, the card becomes inactive and may destroy your smiOneCard if you receive payments on another platform.

smiOne Card Features

You will find many links on the relevant page to provide additional information regarding the smiONE card. Current cardholders can access all their data and get all their access information here. Please refer to the general details of the e-card before using it in the relevant stores and supermarkets later on.

  • Ask for a “Cashback” when you shop at the stores in question.
  • Login to the smiONE Card Visa prepaid card account on the official website to get a private account.
  • Withdrawal of money from an ATM.
  • Orders for replacement cards on account.
  • Delivery of urgent cards to the appropriate address.

All current and prospective cardholders should visit the smiONE website for additional data and relevant fee information and review the Cardholder Agreement or call 1-855-403-8344 during business hours.

If your eCard is lost or stolen, call the smiONE Card Connection Hotline at 1-855-403-8344. For cardholders registered outside the United States, call 850-601-3047.

As long as the smiONE card is active, all cardholders can continue to receive all company updates on the status of their smiONECard account and continue to use the security E-card’s customer service text in their registered contact details.

For more support, please visit the official smiONE card website for more relevant details and information, where cardholders can also get all official help. In case of technical failure, do not throw away the smiONE card to avoid receiving payments.